TeamUp International - Supporting Refugee Children Worldwide

TeamUp was launched in 2016 to respond to the urgent social and emotional needs of refugee children living in asylum reception centres. The programme - which sees War Child work in partnership with Save the Children and UNICEF Netherlands - is active across the Netherlands and expanding internationally.

The TeamUp programme encompasses recreational activities carried out by trained volunteer facilitators. These activities serve to strengthen the emotional resilience of the children taking part - providing a sense of stability in a chaotic situation.

Marco Borsato

The international rollout of TeamUp progressed across 2018. Activities are now underway in Uganda and the programme will launch in Colombia and the occupied Palestinian territories in the first half of 2019. Talks to form a new coalition to support refugee children on the move in Greece, Italy and Sweden are continuing.

TeamUp will continue to meet the needs of refugee children - both at home and abroad - in 2019. And negotiations with the Dutch Ministry of Justice are continuing to ensure our presence in asylum centres in the years to come.