Non-Profit Organisations

Financial support from non-profit organisations and foundations increased 13 per cent year-on-year to reach €7.8 million. 95 per cent of this amount comes from foundations and other NGOs, whereas five per cent comes from clubs, associations, religious organisations and educational institutions.

Large charitable foundations - such as IKEA Foundation, ELMA Foundation and the Cisco Foundation - continued to make a significant contribution to our work over the course of 2018. Our Research and Development (R&D) team was awarded a prestigious award by the Jacobs Foundation. The Bernard van Leer Foundation also generously contributed to further research and development of our interventions.

Having supported our R&D activities for many years, the Adessium Foundation contributed to our TeamUp programme in 2018, as did the ASML foundation and Two Swedish foundations funded us through War Child Sweden: the H&M foundation and the H.M. Queen Silvia’s Care about the Children Foundation. New foundations came on board to support our work in 2018 - including the Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation.

Jeppe Schilder

Our institutional donors

  • European Union

  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Global Affairs Canada

  • Nuffic

  • Swiss Development Cooperation






Julio Barrera

Our Foundation Partners

  • Adessium Foundation

  • ASML Foundation

  • Bernard van Leer Foundation

  • Cisco Foundation

  • De Johanna Donk-Grote Stichting

  • The ELMA Relief Foundation

  • Fred Foundation

  • IKEA Foundation

  • Jacobs Foundation

  • Foundation Open Society Institute in cooperation with the Early Childhood Programme of the Open Society Foundation

  • H.M. Queen Silvia’s foundation – Care about the Children (via War Child Sweden)

  • Stichting Careduca Foundation

  • Stichting Turing Foundation

  • Stichting Vrienden Medische Missiezusters



  • H&M Foundation (via War Child Sweden)

  • Werkgroep Vluchtelingen & Educatie van de Samenwerkende Fondsen