Government Bodies

War Child continued to expand its funding base among government bodies and non-profit organisations over the course of 2018. The year saw the highest number of proposal submissions in our organisation’s history - and these efforts met with significant success. The success rate of our grant proposals was 57 per cent in 2018 - with several proposals still pending donor decision in 2019.

Grants from government bodies for our programmes totalled €16.0 million across 2018 as a whole and rose 24 per cent year-on-year.

Marco Borsato

Our participation in the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) - a coalition of 16 Dutch NGOs funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs - was strengthened. DRA funding was awarded for our continued participation in four international ‘Joint Responses’ - in DR Congo, South Sudan, Yemen and for the Syrian Response.

The financial support from governments and multi-lateral bodies such as the European Union, United Nations agencies –UNICEF, UNESCO, UNHCR and UN-OCHA, Global Affairs Canada, Swiss Development Cooperation and US Agency for International Development is crucial to our ongoing operations. We will continue to build our valuable partnerships with these institutions.