War Child Care System

The Care System is made up of nine ‘Core Interventions’ that address the various needs of conflict-affected children and communities. These interventions are supplemented with a number of initiatives to promote access to care and reduce stigmatization.

This model allows for an integrated approach that ensures the various interventions are interconnected and mutually reinforce one another - for maximum impact. The suite of interventions also range in intensity according to the needs of children and their communities - to ensure all mental healthcare needs are met. The interventions that make up this system are outlined below:

Our Core Interventions

  • I-DEAL Intervention to strengthen life skills

  • Caregiver Support Intervention for parents and caregivers

  • Early Adolescents Skills for Emotions for children experiencing distress

  • Family-Level Intervention to support families with complex problems

  • Case Management Intervention to meet protection needs

  • Community-Based Child Protection Intervention supporting communities to protect children

  • Teacher Professional Development to build enabling and supportive learning.

  • Safe Schools to address violence in schools

  • Can’t Wait To Learn - digital game-based learning

The Enablers

  • Community Case Detection Tool - mental health initiative

  • Stigma Reduction Approach - nurturing acceptance to promote inclusion

  • Community Entry Tool - to strengthen relevance and access

  • We-ACT tool - strengthening quality by measuring competencies.