Risk Management and Security

Our work is conducted in hard and chaotic circumstances - and this presents our staff with serious safety and security challenges. These volatile contexts also demand robust risk management.

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Contribute to Positive Change

Our primary concern is the enhanced wellbeing of children forced to live with the effects of armed conflict. We nevertheless seek to contribute to positive change - on a social, cultural and environmental level - in everything we do.

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War Child Global

The War Child family is made up of four implementing organisations - in the Netherlands, UK, Canada and Sweden - as well as fundraising offices in the United States, Australia, Ireland and Germany.

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War Child in Sweden and Germany

War Child has three implementing offices - War Child Holland, War Child UK and War Child Canada.

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Advocacy: Our Campaigns for Change

War Child advocates for vital psychosocial support to be included in international humanitarian responses - and in 2018 we enjoyed some notable campaigning successes.

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War Child in the News

War Child is an expert on children living with the effects of armed conflict. Creativity and music are at the heart of many of our programmes - and were also central to many of our media activities over the course of the year.

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Communication with Stakeholders

To further enhance our expert credentials we worked to maintain a close dialogue with our stakeholders in 2018.

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Meet our Ambassador - Michaela DePrince

Michaela DePrince is a globally renowned ballerina and a War Child Ambassador. She experienced armed conflict first-hand as a child growing up in the midst of the civil war in Sierra Leone.

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Our People

At War Child we work to ensure that children affected by conflict and violence can realise their fundamental rights and build a better future.

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Our Policies

The safety and dignity of our staff and the people who take part in our programmes has always been of paramount importance.

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